21 de diciembre: Conferencia de la Dra. Victoria Acosta Rodríguez

por | 20 diciembre, 2017

21 de diciembre: Conferencia de la Dra. Victoria Acosta Rodríguez

Miércoles, 20 Diciembre 2017


La Facultad de Ciencias Químicas (FCQ) de la UNC informa que el jueves 21 de diciembre a las 13:30 horas, en el Aula de Seminarios, subsuelo del Departamento de Química Biológica Ranwell Caputto, la Dra. Victoria Acosta Rodríguez, egresada de esta Casa y estudiante posdoctoral en el laboratorio del Dr. Joe Takahashi (Universidad de Dallas), dictará la Conferencia: «Towards healthy aging: Identifying molecular pathways regulated by caloric and temporal restriction as critical feeding factors to extend lifespan».

Resumen de la Conferencia:

Caloric restriction (CR) extends lifespan in mammals, yet the mechanisms underlying its beneficial effects remain unknown. The manner in which CR has been implemented in longevity experiments is variable, with both timing and frequency of meals constrained by work schedules. It is commonplace to find that nocturnal rodents are fed during the daytime and meals are spaced out, introducing prolonged fasting intervals. Since implementation of feeding paradigms over the lifetime is logistically difficult, automation is critical, but existing systems are expensive and not amenable to scale. We have developed a system that controls duration, amount, and timing of food availability and records feeding and voluntary wheel-running activity in mice. Using this system, mice were exposed to temporal or caloric restriction protocols. Mice under CR self-imposed a temporal component by consolidating food intake and unexpectedly increasing wheel-running activity during the rest phase, revealing previously unrecognized relationships among feeding, metabolism, and behavior.



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